Photo journalist Harish Tyagi, currently a Chief photographer (Indian sub-continent) for the European Press Photo Agency EPA and also worked with India's leading newspapers viz The Indian Express and The Times of India. With an extensive portfolio of work spanning over a decade his contributions in the field of news, current affairs and environment have won him critical acclaim and many prestigious awards.

Harish Tyagi

Chief Photographer EPA

He is not only the double recipient of the National Media Fellowship for photojournalists from the National Foundation for India during 2000-2001 in which he studied and photographed "The impact of pollution in the Yamuna river and ways to combat it".

Being a Certified Naturalist, he conducts weekend bird walking & photography tours in India & Africa and introduce new people to basic of photography & nature. His photographs been extensively published in print and electronic media thorough out the world exclusively through UK based Stock agency Nature Picture library. To know more about him & his work visit his website: "www.yashpalrathore.com" or follow him or instagram "yashrathorephotos"

Yashpal Rathore

Naturalist & Nature Photographer

Yashpal Rathore is Electrical engineer by qualification but Naturalist & Nature Photographer by choice. To enrich his knowledge for wildlife behavior, he undertook the "Certified Naturalist training" conducted by Jungle lodges & Resort, a Karnataka govt. enterprise.

With no mentor and experience, a long struggle was inevitable. Immense Faith, Strong dreams and an instinct to never give up, propelled him to make his space in the industry. Worked with top advertising agencies, models, designers, art directors, magazines, stylists, make-up artists and production houses in India and abroad.

Ashok Verma

Advertising & Fashion Photographer

The inclination and passion towards Arts made him jump into photography with the sole dream in young eyes to establish as an Advertising & Fashion photographer.

He covered the news from Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Greece and France as well as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict between 2008-2013. He won first prize at the "UN Correspondents Association" award in 2013, and the 3rd best news photographer by Thompson Foundation.

Ahmed Deeb


Ahmed Deeb is an award-wining photojournalist based in Turkey. He has been documenting the Syrian conflict and its regional impact since 2012 until now.

43 years old professional photographer is among few pioneers who switched to digital imaging 13 yrs ago & today specializes in Interior, Architecture, Industrial & Gigapixel 360 degree panoramic photography.Worked for agencies like MUDRA, LINTAS & O&M ,WOODLAND, LG electronics etc. He has done over 65 workshops teaching various form of photography and have trained over approx 8000 photographers in India and abroad.

Ranjan Sharma

Professional Photographer

He is a professional photographer is among few pioneers who switched to digital imaging 13 yrs ago. Ranjan is famous for Architecture and Gigapixel 360 degree panoramic photography.He teaches both basic & advance courses in digital imaging.

Vikash Kalra transforms the landscapes around him. He creates architectural landscape with its mirror reflection emphasizing that there is always a hidden other to everything. His work has been in many solo, curated as well as group shows in India including Indian art fair 2012 with Art Konsult Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2008, 60 years of Independence, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, 2007, Rang Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2006, etc.

Vikash Kalra


Vikash Kalra transforms the landscapes around him as if he were in a divine frenzy. Highly expressionistic in his approach, he creates architectural landscape with its mirror reflection.

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