1. Entry is open to all individuals of any age from India, SAARC nations, US, Europe and Rest of the World.

2. Definitions

    1. Entrant: Person intending to participate in the exhibition. For the purpose of simplification, entrant and the words -photographer, participant, are used interchangeably

    2. Works: Defined as image(s) or photos submitted for consideration in the exhibition

3. Completed entry form along with the images should be uploaded by (mention date).

4. If the individual is not an adult (above 18 years of age), the application form must be filled in by the guardian and the guardian must furnish his/her details wherever required.

5. Entries can be monochrome, black and white or color. More than 10 images will not be considered for selection. Images must be high resolution to ensure quality printing (if selected).

6. The selectors will look for particularly interesting way of presenting the picture. The images must solely be the work of entrant and the entrant must the copyright to exhibit these. DPC reserves the right to accept or refuse work submitted. No individual assessment of images will be made available and the decision of selectors will be final

7. Work/images exhibited earlier in other exhibitions is discouraged

8. All images not selected for print exhibition, will be there in the uploaded online gallery on with a mention of the photographer

9. Categories. Images can be uploaded in two categories, viz., Below 15 years and Above 15 years. If your image is selected, the participant will have to send the proof of age (any government document) at the time of final image submission for printing (if selected)

10. Awards. There will be 4 awards in total. The DPC Plaques (For winners only) & Printed Certificates and online certificate will be given to final participants whose photos are selected for printing and exhibition.

11. Copyright: If the image is selected by DPC and Nicefoto, the entrant agrees and authorizes DPC & Nicefoto to create copies, hang or use on walls/internet, books or publication or in any document created by DPC and Nicefoto . In such usage, DPC and Nicefoto will give due credit to the participant. Entrant also agrees, that DPC may use selected/exhibited work to promote photography and/or the photographer at its discretion for a period of 3 years. Any commercial value if derived from the sale of photographs during the exhibition will be passed on to the participant/photographer by DPC after deducting an administrative charge and due share. The photographer retains the rights to sell his work independently as well. Image(s) uploaded/submitted by Entrant must not infringe copyright or intellectual property of any third party. Entrant indemnifies DPC & Nicefoto and Prayatnsheel E-venture Foundation from any suit or claim by any third party regarding the copyright or intellectual property of the accepted image(s). All work submitted must be the sole work of the entrant. The copyright of all entries remains with the entrant/photographer.

12. Entry fees: There is no fee of any kind to enter the exhibition. If your image is selected for the exhibition, Individual will pay for the cost of printing, framing etc. The entrant has the option of taking the printed and/or framed images after the exhibition.

13. Please do not mark your images with any kind of water mark (your name, copyright sign etc). Any image containing any watermark will not be considered for the exhibition

14. Personal Data: By filling up and submitting the entry form, you agree that DPC or its affiliate organization or any sponsor may use this data to reach out to you to promote photography.

15. Warranties and representations: With respect to the images/entries submitted, you (the entrant) warrant and represent that:

    1. You are the sole owner and author the image(s)

    2. You have the sole right to enter the image(s)

    3. The image submitted by you do not breach or compromise national security, are defamatory, derogatory towards a particular gender, religion, nation or community.

16. Nicefoto Coffee Table Book: There is a unique opportunity to own a coffee Table book of Nicefoto. You can pre book your copy in advance. After paying the cost of the book you can avail it. If you live in smoother city we will be very happy to ship your copy on your given address.


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